As Western Society Self-Destructs

The dawn of the present millennium saw the rise and rise of extremist expressions of Islam that threaten any planned world order of tolerance. The ocean tides are rising as our accustomed environment diminishes – Greenpeace and kindred spirits appear futile in their attempts to save a dying planet. While scientists and politicians debate the issues of global warming and holes in the Ozone layer emerging weather patterns render their own verdict.

Questioning is more than desirable; it is essential for not only true prosperity but also for survival itself. Yet the larger issues of Life, which can only be addressed on a world scale – profit v. environment – the few v. the many – have been dealt with only in the most impotent and ephemeral of terms.

While the planet appears to be moving inexorably towards destruction Western governments have wasted inordinate amounts of money, time and brainpower in pursuit of the ultimate party trick. In their self-conceited wisdom, they decided that all issues of injustice or unfairness could be solved by legislation. Where discrimination or colour prejudice existed new laws would go a long way towards solving all. If hundreds of thousands of lawyers become substantially richer along the way so be it. It is probably no accident that the majority of the world’s politicians were lawyers before they entered public office.

Legislating against the tide could have been the piece de resistance of our world leaders, doing King Canute proud. If so, it would simply have been ludicrous. No, the finest hour of Western leaders (most of Asia, Africa and the entire Islamic world have resisted the tendency despite failures of their own) was the creation of a fundamentally immovable wedge between the sexes. It is highly doubtful if Emily Pancurst would smile at the modern Western world. Equality is one thing – an unnatural pantomime quite another.

Thousands of years have passed past as the predominant traditions of the human race developed. The male was the hunter and the protector. He may have had more “political” power than his wife but he had a more dramatic level of responsibility. The traditional female role of nurturing and support is, of course, equally important but failure on the part of the male was likely to result in the imminent death and destruction of the entire family unit. Certainly, in the arachnid world these roles are not the same but until such time as human beings sport eight legs and fangs, they should be seriously considered.

The traditional functions of the male and female still lie dormant in the brains of both modern men and modern women.  It would be both wrong and useless to blame either sex for the evils befalling Western society. The fault clearly belongs with those “visionary” governmental leaders who thought they could reverse the cycles of nature and/or tradition with a stroke of the pen.

Philosophically sound notions such as equality of opportunity, equality of responsibility, equal pay for equal work and equality before the law have potentially failed. The reasons behind the increasing rate of divorce and the breakdown of the family unit are complex and profound and have much to do with the increased stresses of modern existence. Yet the Family Law codes of many Western countries give legal equality to the sexes in a way that denies the existence of any fundamental dissimilarity.

Where are we now? Women expect men to provide for and protect them yet Western males have, in many cases, been legally and financially disempowered. Amongst teenagers, it can be amusing. The boy and girl earn equal pay at their after-school jobs. They go on a date because they like each other. Still, tradition dictates that the boy pay and human nature being what it is, the girl seldom argues.

When we move on to the adult world of marriage, responsibility and parenting the situation is much more depressing. We have an “equal” world yet few wives are satisfied if their husbands bring home the same or less money than themselves. Given a crisis or economic shortfall in the family, tradition then dictates that the man should solve it. Where are those rustic emblems of the 60’s, Women’s Libbers, now? Nowhere to be found!

It could be argued that our political “visionaries” have created a legal and economic world where the expectations, which men and women hold towards each other, are unlikely to be met. Add to this the pendulum backlash of political correctness, which is so enshrined in law as to be “holy” and the future looks bleak for all of us and none more so than for males of such “boring” ethnic majorities as Anglo Saxon derivatives.

Where is the West now heading? I don’t know but I don’t want to sail on this ship of fools!

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