Mental Illness – ongoing scourge of humanity

Mental illness is an ongoing calamity besetting the human race. Almost 50% of us suffer from it to a varying degree. While the dementia issue is a ticking time bomb for the baby boomer generation mental illness is an increasing constant.

My own sister suffers from Bi-Polar type one and has been an invalid pensioner for years. I myself have suffered from depression and OCD for at least thirty years. However, I am fortunate enough to be able to work and function moderately effectively in life’s race.

It is almost certainly no accident that mental illness is increasing, almost exponentially. Greed and stupidity cause such problems for our world that there is an almost invisible feeling of hopelessness in the world’s air.

Mentally ill people tend to drink and smoke more than the general population. The Australian government’s draconian and stupid taxation on smokers is likely to exascerbate this problem.

Mental illness is constantly increasing because life is becoming more and more hopeless and most of the world’s leaders are looney, greedy and self serving arseholes.

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