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Brownout 666 – The Inside Story of the Sex and Drugs Trade

In the land of flaunted sex, money, and flexible rules, an ambitious but lonely Rick Daly faces his demons.

Rick Daly has established a business in the exotic surroundings of the Philippines, while simultaneously discovering Marilyn Delgado, the woman of his dreams.

However, a clash of cultures and his own naiveté lead to disaster. Falsely accused of a sexual crime, Rick loses both his freedom and his business. To add insult to injury, a prison escape merely amounts to switching jails.

In a world where the rich prosper, honest individuals are forced to the wall, and a cynical disregard for all but the dollar is destroying society from within, crime soon follows punishment for Rick. Close to losing his soul, will Rick’s ultimate success in drug and arms dealing finally lead him to face up to reality?

Difficult to put down and including erotic scenes, this is a high octane adventure, which will take the reader into a sea of cultural and ethical flashpoints, while exposing huge cracks in the world’s political and social order.

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Waiting for a Miracle – life in the Dead Zone

This is not a manual on how to grieve quickly or successfully. Neither is it a “feel good” volume offering certainty about an afterlife and future reunions with departed loved ones, although it does not discount such a possibility.

While remaining sensitive to the corporeal world around us, as well as to such spiritual possibilities that there are, it is above all a journey into the intricate workings of the mind of a massively bereaved parent.

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From Brexit to Brazil via HK, China, Russia and the USA
Provocative essays on Politics, Society and Life

An insightful foray into the colourful volatility of today’s world this collection of prosaic essays remarks on the political, social, lifestyle and environmental maelstrom in which we find ourselves. John Spencer comments on this in a provocative manner and ponders possible solutions.

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