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John Spencer has lived a strange but interesting life, meeting people from many places and all stratas of society. He has lived in Australia and the UK and visited countless other countries besides. He is a peaceful anarchist who is deeply suspicious and cynical about the power brokers who rule our world. His publishing credits include numerous magazine articles, published in several countries, and ranging from business to travel. He has worked in many “day” jobs, including taxi driver, school teacher and bus driver.

John lived for several years in the Philippines while pursuing his writing. He mingled with Manila’s famous Kangaroo Mafia and entered the haunts of the illegal gun makers of Danao. From wild flesh pits to occasionally living the excitement of dodging bullets, John has seen it all.

He has also experienced the greatest tragedy imaginable, the loss of a child, and was forced into becoming somewhat of an expert in grief. All proceeds of his book about loss, “Waiting for a Miracle – Life in the Dead Zone” will go to a child loss charity namely, http://www.sudc.org (Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood, headquartered in New Jersey, USA).

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