Disasters of the last two decades or so

  1. The rise of Vladimir Putin

Boris Yeltsin chose the wrong guy to lead Russia. The man he should have chosen was conveniently shot dead outside the Kremlin. Putin’s power hungry mania has resulted in death and destruction.

2. The rise of Xi Jinping

Likewise, Xi Jinping is another loose cannon (although not quite as impetuous and impulsive as Putin. Once Xi got the top job in China he embarked on a path of massively building up its military, mixed with corrupt and vicious wolf warrior diplomacy. Having secured his third term and probably presidency for life, Xi set about crushing any freedom in Hong Kong, breaking China’s 50 year, One country two systems deal with the UK. Now he routinely threatens Taiwan and does his best to bribe the KMT opposition into handing over the island. Bribery such as that committed by China in the Soloman Islands and “Gotcha” loans all around the world are part of his One Belt One Road playbook. Xi and Putin both consider themselves men of destiny; a destiny that is causing massive problems for the rest of us.

3. Brexit

Brexit was Boris Johnson’s road to power. For selfish ends he pursued a policy that has proved itself to be a disaster and that thinking people realised would be so before it even happened. The UK is much poorer and worse off as a result and the peace process in Northern Ireland is under serious strain.

4. The Donald Trump phenomenon

Donald J. Trump is good at a few things; womanising, fraud, lying and being entertaining. His narcissistic nature has fooled millions into following his lies. The Truth is almost always the absolute opposite of the words coming from his mouth. He has just about destroyed the USA, almost single handedly. If he ever reached the White House again it would be game over! His alliance with Putin and probable softness towards Xi would make Trump a traitor in anyone’s book. Yet Trump swans around on other people’s money, while poor Julian Assange rots in Belmarsh Prison.

5. The Coomera Connector or 2nd M1 freeway

The Coomera Connector or 2nd M1 in Queensland Australia, like Brexit is an obvious disaster in the making. The bulldozers are about to condemn a large colony of koalas to almost certain death, while the project will make traffic congestion much worse. The Queensland government appears to be suffering from a good dose of stupidity and corruption. The Australian federal government would not dare interfere with the designs and machinations of the Queensland government, which is of the same political party.

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