The minor characters in Brownout-666: or the real meaning of the swastika

Quite obviously it would not be practicable to discuss every minor character in the novel so I shall restrict my comments to the more important ones.

Lina/Maria – the bargirl who kept her job hidden as much as possible.

Typical Filipina bargirl

Lina was actually based on a number of girls I personally knew in that “fishing” village in Northern Samar, Philippines. These girls plied their trade in Manila, Cebu or other parts of the country but pretended to have innocent jobs when they returned home. Considering the amounts of money they would send to their families it would beggar belief that their jobs were as maids or shop assistants. Their families obviously knew but would pretend that they didn’t. The money came and that was OK.

Ricardo Gordon – the mixed blood fixer

This character was formed from a number of foreigners and mixed blood people who had taken unto themselves the worst aspects of Filipino character and motivations. Hence the quote from the book that you don’t trust your own mother once she sets foot in that land.

The Colonel, Major and other military men who often drank with Rick at Alfred’s Kitchenette in Cebu City.

Philippine army soldiers in action

These people are simply described as they actually were and are taken from real life.

The police captain, his sergeant and members of his squad.

Philippine police ready for action

Apart from name changes most of the actions, including the visits to Rick’s house, are simply taken from actual events. These include the armalites stacked against the wall of his lounge room and Rick’s visit to the private hospital and subsequent “arrest.” Truth can indeed be stranger than fiction.

Christopher Daly’s children

George, his son is a typical child who has had a difficult childhood and then goes off the rails as a teenager.

Likewise, Rebecca is a somewhat rebellious teenager but improves with growing maturity.

Elizabeth, Christopher’s youngest child is based on some of the brightest and kindest children I came across during my time as a school teacher. When Elizabeth dies from meningococcal disease I, as the author, felt sorry that we had lost her. My own younger daughter who mysteriously died from no known cause (Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood – just before her second birthday and is the subject of my book about grief, “Waiting for a Miracle – Life in the Dead Zone” was still alive when I wrote the initial draft of my novel. In a crazy way I wondered if my “killing” of Elizabeth had tempted fate.

The characters of the Organisation

These are mostly fictional but portions of them are from people I knew or read about. The Organisation is a sophisticated international crime ring.

Hannah Chibber

blonde Jewish girl

Blonde Jewish girl

Hannah is the niece of a very senior Organisation member.

The Delgado family

This family is largely based on a family I personally knew in the Philippines.

I hope the above background increases your desire to read this novel.


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