The Brexit Trilogy – Anger trumps Common Sense

Firstly, there was the Brexit vote in June’s UK referendum and we have seen what a disaster that has been, even for most of those who voted for it.

Then came the Columbian referendum, which refused a peace deal with the FARC. Those who voted against the peace deal were the ones least affected by the civil war in that country.

Finally, we have the final playout in the trilogy; the election of Donald Trump as the next president of the USA. The anger against the political establishment is understandable as millions, in the USA and around the world, have been ignored and marginalized.

Yet, these angry people in America seem to believe that a billionaire who is part of the economic establishment although not the political one, will somehow empathize with them and improve their lot. Not only that but they also believe he will be able to help them, despite a massive lack of experience in dealing with global politics.

The poor and dispossessed all too often fail to realize that in any economic showdown that promotes instability they are the ones who lose first. The wealthy and the elites are the last to suffer. So it is in the UK and so it will be in the USA. People, all too often forget the selfishness and greed that is endemic in human nature. Narcissistic and aggressive type A personalities tend to rise to the top. Every time one elite is wiped out another one emerges.

Getting back to Donald Trump. If he behaves like he promised he would during the election campaign we will have horrible world disasters. If in power he acts in a measured and reasonable way, as suggested by his gracious and conciliatory acceptance speech, then what he said during the campaign was simply populist bullshit. Either way, those who voted for him have been deceived.

Hilary Clinton’s loss, although partly due to the US voters’ hostility towards political dynasties, is also largely her fault. If she had appointed Bernie Sanders as her Vice Presidential running mate she probably would have won the election.

It would seem that we are all in for a rocky ride. Is the apocalypse just one step closer?

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