Chris Dawson, The Teacher’s Pet podcast, and me

John Spencer, author of “Brownout-666: or the real meaning of the swastika” was a teacher at Sydney’s Cromer High School between 1979 and 1981 and personally knew many of the protagonists in this cold case probable murder and story of lust, schoolgirls, betrayal and improper sexuality that is currently grabbing headlines around the world and is the subject of “The Teacher’s Pet” podcast byHedley Thomas of the “The Australian” newspaper.

John’s novel is largely based on true events and, while only making one indirect reference to Cromer High School, explores in depth many of the themes apparent in this podcast, including male predatory sexual behaviour from that era, changes to such attitudes over the decades and the legal ramifications thereof, older men pursuing young girls, and the particular socio/sexual problems of Australian men at that time that may have led to their hunter/conquest at-all-costs attitudes.

John’s book is available on Amazon and elsewhere.

His email address is and his website is

His Twitter handle is @badjohn

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